Trouble starting a compiled KDE 4.2.4

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Thu Jul 30 13:45:31 BST 2009

Joyce Cheng <joycechenghm at> posted
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Jul 2009 20:51:23 +1000:

> After building my very own LFS system and installing an Xorg server, I
> decided to install KDE.
> So I did. Following the instructions on techbase, I compiled the
> prerequisite and the basic KDE packages -- kdelibs, kdepimlibs, kdebase,
> kdebase-runtime and kdebase-workspace. I set xinitrc to contain
> "dbus-launch startkde" and attempted to start it with startx. Everything
> was fine and it ran until the initial icons. But then the screen would
> turn blank and crash. After logging the output from startx, I figured
> that it somehow entered into an infinitive loop, but other than that, I
> have absolutely no idea what went wrong.


There's a regular here (James Tyrer) that has in his sig
"Linux (mostly) From Scratch".  So you may well be in luck. =:^)

He should reply when he sees the thread, I hope.

Meanwhile, I run Gentoo, so compile from source, but with a bit more 
scripted help and automated dependencies, as compared to LFS.  It could 
be that you are missing a run-time dependency, and that's where I'll 
start trying to help if he can't, but given his sig, he's likely to be of 
far more direct help than I can be, so I'll let him take a swing at it 
first, and step back in if there's something I think I can add.

But if he for some reason doesn't reply for a few days, post a reminder 
"bump", which I'll see and can try my hand at it.

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