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Roland Wolters <roland.wolters at credativ.de> posted
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> I recently realized that the binary kdeprinter ist missing in KDE 4.
> kdeprinter was however used by quite some users in various scripts and
> also for examlpe to "kdeify" some non-kde apps.
> Is there any chance tha kdeprinter will come back? Is there anyone
> working on it?
> To repeat: this is not about the printing dialog in KDE apps, it is
> about the binary kdeprinter which could be called by other programs.

kde4 printing is definitely a known issue, as there's a regular here 
(Dotan, I think, or was it James? Dotan I think) with that issue as his 
biggest issue with kde4.

I'm not sure of the current development status (Dotan hopefully knows 
more and should reply a bit later), but based on the Gentoo kde-testing 
overlay notes, the kde printing config module still exists upstream (from 
Gentoo, so KDE), but isn't in a working state at present.  I don't have 
printer here ATM, so it hasn't been an issue for me.

The workaround I've seen suggested for configuration at least, is to use 
the CUPS configuration setup (web interface, maybe??  I used it once 
years ago, then switched to the kde3 version as simpler, then got rid of 
the printer, and haven't had to worry about it since) for configuring the 

Presumably they'd resurrect the kdeprinter stub you mention, when they 
get the kde printer configuration widget back in working order.  But I 
don't know that for sure, I'm simply assuming.

For more detail, wait for Dotan's post, or check the list archives for 
the last couple months.  It looks like the last thread on it was 
"Advanced printing in KDE4", back on Monday, initial poster Anne Wilson, 
mentioning a blog.  Here's the link that post included (watch the wrap):


FWIW, it seems some of the issues are qt related.  As that's not an issue 
for me ATM, however, I've not read closely enough to sort it all out, but 
there's the link, if you wish to try to, and hopefully Dotan will fill in 
a bit more detail when he sees the new thread.

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