Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

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> Duncan wrote:
>> Matthew Woehlke wrote:

>>> The set preview

>> Given the above i18n issues, if
>> anything, the full word version needs killed.
> On the other hand, the abbreviated forms aren't really "sufficient" for
> a preview, as there aren't enough pixels to really tell if you have good
> contrast. The generic preview is tolerable, but I'd really prefer not to
> make the set preview abbreviated.

Good point, which I hadn't really thought of yet as I'm still trying to 
figure out how to communicate the roles most efficiently... but stepping 
back to look at the larger picture (double entendre =:^) does have some 
value here.

>> What about this?  Would it be possible to have the important ones, say
>> thru inactive, in a "limited preview", and a button that would popup an
>> "extended preview" in, perhaps, a separate window, or perhaps a
>> "vertical expansion"?  If so, that would reduce both sets
>> substantially.
> Hmm... how big a problem would it be, I wonder, making the preview twice
> as tall? Maybe a solution... though TBH my preference is still to get
> the translations pared down, there is no need for them to be
> gratuitously spelled out.

Well, given I don't deal with other languages, I tend to treat i18n much 
as a black box so as much as possible not to interfere where I haven't 
the /foggiest/ what the issues and peculiarities of the specialty are... 
thus I'm trying to devise a solution that works regardless.

But AFAIK, especially on netbooks and the like, where both horizontal and 
vertical space is at a premium, vertical scrolling is more or less 
accepted as a fact of life, while horizontal scrolling is far less so.

Meanwhile, with en at least and my current fonts, the current 4.2.4 
settings/look&feel/appearance/colors/colors/view appears usable in 
660x400 px, as reported by kde's move/resize size popup.  That's with the 
icons down the left side , the overview/search at the top, the color 
settings descriptive row, the tabs row, color set: view, three elements 
listed with their color boxes, the preview widget title row, the two 
actual preview rows, and the help/defaults/reset/apply buttons.

If that can be kept to say 480 height... and from here it looks like 
there's extra vertical space in the preview title at least that could be 
shrunk if necessary... I think it should work.

It's worth noting that several of the other left-set icons already 
require more vertical space to display without feeling "squished", with 
emoticons being ~480 as it is, so the colors icon colors tab can 
certainly expand vertically up to that 80 px without standing out height-
wise.  And based on the selector rows which I think are a bit taller than 
the preview rows, it's 30 px per row, so splitting the preview rows in 
half would only take about 60 px vertical, it appears, and should be well 
within the accepted working range of the other left-icon choices.

Of course again, I'm not sure what i18n will do to that, or simple font 
sizes for that matter... well I just checked them and while it does 
indeed increase the required space, it does so for the other left-icons 
as well so colors still has additional vertical room to work before it 
hits emoticons size, for instance.  But i18n shouldn't be a vertical 
issue AFAIK for at least western fonts.  What Big-5 or Kanji or the like 
do, however, I haven't the /foggiest/!  Do you have any KDE devs working 
with that that you can mail and ask?

(Umm... now I gotta go back and reset to sane font sizes again. =:^)

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