Searching 1998 KDE 1.x MacOS-theme

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Mon Jul 27 12:57:20 BST 2009


I'm searching "MacOS-theme_0.50.tar.gz" which was announced quite 
10 years ago.
I was in love with that wallpaper ;-) I can remember it was 
pretty green.

But sadly I can't found this package on the net anymore. Maybe it 
was removed due to license issues with Apple?

For example it's listed her in the index
but there is no content.

Maybe someone out there has a old CD-Set or something with this 
content. Or a maybe someone knows a place to download or can 
send it to me by mail. This would be very great ;-)

And another question:
 Where to find old kde 1.x/2.x themes? only has 3.x+ 


#  original announce:
Date:       1998-11-02 12:48:42

Dear KDE Enthusiast,

       the KDE Team is pleased to announce the availability of:


It can be found at

and at our U.S mirror site

it will probably appear firstly at

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