Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Jul 23 19:59:53 BST 2009

Duncan wrote:
> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>>> The "Color set" selections in "Colors" sections (other than "Common
>>> Colors") have two rows in the "Preview".  What do these two rows
>>> represent?
>> Background and Foreground. Top row is foreground roles against
>> NormalBackground. Bottom row is background roles, using the foreground
>> most likely to have worst contrast with that role. The background roles
>> (except Alternate, currently) can't be set individually; they are
>> calculated from the respective foreground colors plus NormalBackground.
> Something else to code would be tooltips explaining all that... and since 
> I'm asking for ponies already, how about a fancy harness to go with them, 
> in the form of tooltips explaining the "a i ! - +" on the scheme tab and 
> with common colors.

Sure, I can do that. So far I put e.g. "Selection Active Text against 
Selection Normal Background" (and e.g. for the set preview, "Active Text 
against Active Background"). Is that sufficient? If not, better suggestions?

> Thanks to both of you for making this such a helpful thread.  It's just 
> this sort of thing that someone could put into a "KDE4 for the power 
> user" (or even maybe "for Dummies") book.  Like O'Reilly's "Running 
> Linux", or the years ago (some other publisher) "Using MS-DOS" book, both 
> of which were EXTREMELY useful books and EXTREMELY good investments for 
> me.

Some documentation (preferably accessible from a nice prominent 'help' 
button in the kcm) would probably be good. Unfortunately I have never 
written such documentation, and so don't know what is required from the 
technical standpoint.

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