impact of blank DVD insert

Bob Stia rnr at
Thu Jul 23 20:17:53 BST 2009

On Thursday 23 July 2009 11:37:59 Felix Miata wrote:
> When I'm using K3B to copy a DVD, first I open K3B, then I put in the DVD,
> and then Kaffeine opens the DVD. After closing Kaffeine I tell K3B to start
> the copy process. When it's done saving an iso image to disk, it prompts
> for a new blank media. Once I respond, K3B continues, but then Konq opens
> itself and tries and fails to open the newly inserted media.
> Is there a way to prevent Kaffeine and Konq from automatically opening on
> media insert when K3B is already running, but not otherwise, in 3.5.x? What
> about when running 4.x instead of 3.5.x?


What I do is put the blank DVD in first. When the "What do you want to do?" 
message comes up I click "Do nothing" Then I open K3B, it finds the blank 
media and happily copies to it. This is KDE 3.

Bob S
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