kde4 ksysguard aka system monitor

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Jul 21 01:31:33 BST 2009

Duncan wrote:
> What's up with ksysguard's network and disk thruput?  In kde3.5, they 
> worked.  In kde4, at least 4.2.4, not so much.
> The network stuff only has socket info, not the eth0 data read/written I 
> was graphing previous, or indeed, /anything/ like the network/interfaces/
> eth0/receiver/data (and transmitter/data) kde3's KSysGuardApplet.xml file 
> says I was using before.
> The disk thruput choices are there, or at least they seem to be, but when 
> they're added, the labels come up "dummy" and the readings remain 0, as 
> if they've been stubbed in, but nothing more.
> #include <version_gripe_4_x.h>
> Anyway, do they work for anyone else?  I don't see any open bugs on 
> either issue.  FWIW, I noticed that the system monitor plasmoids don't 
> have working network data either -- the only choice is loopback.  It 
> works in 3.5... <shrug>
You should get a job as a software tester!  Like me, you have a knack 
for finding things that don't work.

Or, perhaps you simply have a run of bad luck.

IIUC, your eth0 port is working correctly, but KDE4 doesn't find it.

I had this problem.  I installed the widget and nothing was listed in 
the "Network Interface" list window.  I was going to try to trouble 
shoot it and when I got around to it, it has started to work.  Now it 
works and I don't know what, if anything I did. :-)

It is a strange irony that when KDE/Linux was harder to setup, it was 
easier to fix problems.  Now, this is supposed to "just work" and we 
don't really know how it works.

The only thing I can tell you is that KDE4 depends on NetworkManager.  I 
don't know for sure, but I think that it uses this to find network 
connections.  This has a daemon "NetworkManager" and it will normally 
show as "sleeping" in KSysGuard.

I would first check to see that that process has been started, and if it 
isn't, then reinstall the binary for "NetworkManager".

If you installed a Linux or BSD distro, it is really the responsibility 
of your distro to do any necessary setup.  So, you might try the 
relevant distro mailing list.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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