kde4 ksysguard aka system monitor

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"D. R. Evans" <doc.evans at gmail.com> posted 4A64CFFF.2040000 at gmail.com,
excerpted below, on  Mon, 20 Jul 2009 14:13:51 -0600:

> I'm using 4.2.2, and it lists the physical interfaces (as well as the
> sockets) under the "Interfaces" menu item.

Thanks everyone.

Followup question:  Is it possible/likely that kde is now depending on 
some "automagic" system like networkmanager or the like, and that it is 
simply blind to existing operational interfaces if networkmanager, etc, 
are not installed?

I ask because I've never used such "automagic" here, as I have no need 
for it.  I'm running a desktop system with a plugged in Ethernet 
connection that doesn't change, and when it does (when I change routers 
or the like), I make the necessary system level config changes then.  I 
thus don't need any fancy GUI level "automagic", and in fact, given 
previous experience, I'm rather suspicious of such things and their 
ability to leave well enough configured systems and their config files 
alone, as they've been the cause of quite a number of screwed up 
previously perfectly working configuration files, in the past.

What I'm suspecting is that kde3 could detect the standard network 
interfaces without help, but kde4 now requires some network manager 
"magic" in ordered to do so.

If that's correct, then the followup to /that/ question is which packages 
I need to look at for the appropriate functionality?  kdelibs?  Something 
in kdenetwork (what?)?  Something else?  If I know where to look, I'm 
reasonably sure I can rebuild it with the appropriate dependencies 
(remerge with the appropriate USE flags), but knowing where to start 
would be helpful.

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