Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Tue Jul 21 00:08:52 BST 2009

Duncan wrote:
> Matthew Woehlke <redacted> posted

Thank you ;-).

> When I asked about the color scheme, I was actually thinking about the 
> active kde3 scheme, not importing from say kdelook or the like.

Hmm... given that we can't know what $KDEHOME for KDE3 is, that, as you 
say, is the hard part.

> 1) A UI element (popup, label, whatever) suggesting the default user 
> paths to look in, ~/.kde(n.n)?/share/apps/kdisplay/color-schemes for 
> kde3, or search for *.kcsrc, a bit shorter ~/.kde(n.n)?/share/apps/color-
> schemes for kde4, *.colors.

Given what Import does, I'm not sure where, or if, such a UI element 
should be placed. This sounds somewhat more like fodder for 
documentation ( Would that be sufficient?

(In fact, you don't want to import from 
$KDEHOME/share/apps/color-schemes, unless it is the $KDEHOME of another 
user/machine. Stuff there is already loaded :-).)

> If there was some sort of button to push for help on where to look,
> or even just what extension to look for (setting the filetypes filter
> to *.kcsrc; *.colors, for instance), that would help IMMENSELY. =:^)

/me makes mental note to add file types, not sure why we don't have that 

> 2) Being able to extract the info from an existing kdeglobals would be 
> useful as well.

Out of curiosity, what happens if you try to import the kdeglobals from 

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