Is there a way to get a kde3 color scheme into kde4?

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Mon Jul 20 22:44:16 BST 2009

Matthew Woehlke <redacted> posted
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> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> I have to also say that I do not fully understand how the color scheme
>> works for KDE4 and the SystemSetting (KControl) KCM for setting them is
>> somewhat confusing.
> This is too general to be helpful. Can you please be more specific?

Matthew, this bit isn't directly related to the subthread, but since I 
started the thread...

When I asked about the color scheme, I was actually thinking about the 
active kde3 scheme, not importing from say kdelook or the like.  You've 
already sort of implemented the hard part and are working on 
improvements, but here's the bit I've not seen anything in the patches 
about yet:

1) A UI element (popup, label, whatever) suggesting the default user 
paths to look in, ~/.kde(n.n)?/share/apps/kdisplay/color-schemes for 
kde3, or search for *.kcsrc, a bit shorter ~/.kde(n.n)?/share/apps/color-
schemes for kde4, *.colors.

The problem presently (4.2.4) is that the the import scheme button dumps 
the user at the file dialog, with little hint of where they should 
actually look for the color scheme to import, or what it might be named.  
Combine that with the fact that there's no convenient export color scheme 
button in kde3 so one has to know where they were stored, and the fact 
that the user may not have ever browsed that deeply into the config tree 
and likely won't remember it if they did, and it's... disorienting.  If 
there was some sort of button to push for help on where to look, or even 
just what extension to look for (setting the filetypes filter to *.kcsrc; 
*.colors, for instance), that would help IMMENSELY.  =:^)

2) Being able to extract the info from an existing kdeglobals would be 
useful as well.  Again, pointing the user at the general user location 
would be useful if it's not part of the automatic upgrade process (and 
given the limitations you rightly pointed out and that you and James are 
working on minimizing, making it an automatic part of the upgrade process 
perhaps /isn't/ wise, so a button in the color settings applet with an 
appropriate loss-of-fidelity warning may be as good as it can get).

Thanks.  The original patch gave me enough info to do the conversion 
manually and get beyond that here, so I no longer need it myself, but if 
I can help make the process easier for others, I'm happy. =:^)

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