kde4 ksysguard aka system monitor

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 20 20:01:37 BST 2009

On Monday 20 July 2009 19:36:33 Duncan wrote:
> What's up with ksysguard's network and disk thruput?  In kde3.5, they
> worked.  In kde4, at least 4.2.4, not so much.
> The network stuff only has socket info, not the eth0 data read/written I
> was graphing previous, or indeed, /anything/ like the network/interfaces/
> eth0/receiver/data (and transmitter/data) kde3's KSysGuardApplet.xml file
> says I was using before.
To get sending and receiving data hover over the graph.

> The disk thruput choices are there, or at least they seem to be, but when
> they're added, the labels come up "dummy" and the readings remain 0, as
> if they've been stubbed in, but nothing more.
Probably isn't complete in the version you are using.

> #include <version_gripe_4_x.h>
> Anyway, do they work for anyone else?  I don't see any open bugs on
> either issue.  FWIW, I noticed that the system monitor plasmoids don't
> have working network data either -- the only choice is loopback.  It
> works in 3.5... <shrug>

Works for me in 4.2.3 as well.  And the System Monitor widget packs an amazing 
amount of info into little space.

I'm beginning to wonder whether you actually do any work, or just get your 
kicks from trying to find fault.

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