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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Jul 20 02:08:10 BST 2009

This is not going well.

I edited the file:


to reduce the transparency to 75%.  This is not simple since it was 
necessary to change the value for many elements.

I would really rather use "Air" but that file in it is a $&#**^% mess. 
Specifically, there is a lot of stuff in the file that isn't meta data, 
isn't definitions, and isn't paths or shapes.  The file isn't a legal 
SVG file as it doesn't open in Squiggle.  It also doesn't display 
correctly with the KDE3 KDE Plugin.  It isn't a proper ink scape file 
either since if you clean it or save as a plain file, it doesn't work 
any more.

This is a large problem with KDE.  Most of the SVG files (icons) have 
unused stuff in them that is just taking up space, but some of them are 
like this file that they are a mess.

Part of this could be improved if there were a way to manage 
translations and transforms in ink scape.  But, much of it appears to be 
that some of the artists simply don't know how to use their SVG tools 
(or just don't bother with such details).

Perhaps with such SVG files, the feature which I want (adjustable 
transparency of transparent widgets) wouldn't be possible.

So, it appears that the only thing which I can do is to make the file 
from scratch.  This is not a good situation.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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