KDE 3 users: What are the last of the KDE 3 features missing from KDE 4?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 08:33:55 BST 2009

> I have a few machines which can't run KDE 4 due to the way it
> interacts with the graphics drivers. Even without composite enable it
> just crawls on older Nvidia and ATI cards. The nvidia graphics cards
> can't be changed driver wise, obviously, where as the ATI ones i guess
> will improve with time.
> I don't really know what can be done with this situation. Is it
> possible to for Qt /KDE to fall back to the 'old' method for rendering
> 2d if say compositing is turned off , or if its started with a certain
> ENV var ?
> I don't know how many people  this affects however I have 3 in the
> office and 4 at home which are in this situation. I have 3 machines
> out of 10 which are capable of running KDE4 'correctly'.  Some of
> these machines i can't even  get new video cards for, at least not
> ones that will run KDE4 at a reasonable speed.

With composting disabled, I find that KDE 4 runs faster on the same
hardware than KDE 3 did. I have installed Kubuntu 9.04 on some rather
old machines (up to the earliest Pentium 4's) without problems, so
long as the machine has 512 MB RAM, both on ATI and Nvidia graphics.
Please start a new thread on that issue, so that others will take
notice and help, because from my experience KDE 4 non-composting runs
fine on older hardware. If not, then bugs should be filed where


Dotan Cohen

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