What's the official status of 3.5.x, anyway?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 12 10:47:36 BST 2009

On Sunday 12 July 2009 10:17:10 Duncan wrote:
> I guess the ubuntu/kubuntu folks were indeed wise ignoring such claims
> and thus avoiding a 3-year LTS version of KDE.  Well, either that, or KDE
> indeed doesn't consider "end users" as /their/ users, only distributions,
> etc, and with all the major distributions moving on, and those that
> weren't doing so before now pretty well /forced/ to move on...
Will there never be an end to this bullshit?  No-one forces you to do 
anything.  You can use KDE3 in a number of distros.  You just choose to use 
one centered around KDE4.  That's entirely *your* choice.

> Oh, well.  So despite the fact that it seems there's all sorts of people
> for whom KDE 4 remains "substantially broken", 

KDE4 now has about 98% of KDE3's features.  It is not "substantially broken".  
It cannot be blamed for problems that arise from changes occurring in the 
realms of display systems and sound systems, even though in some cases using 
KDE can side-step these issues for the moment.

> I haven't run into anything really broken with 3.5 yet, here (tho I don't
> have knotes installed as I just use text files for that purpose).  Except
> of course the fact that konqueror 3.5 isn't the best at supporting the
> latest web standards 

Most of Konqueror's problems have been that it does support web standards, 
where other browsers such as Firefox bend over backwards to handle sites that 
are totally non-standard.

> I'd like to switch to konqueror 4.x, but that's rather difficult as long
> as konqueror 3.5 is installed and I'm running from a 3.5 desktop,
> including kicker and dcop.  But I can't unmerge konqueror 3.5, as it's a
> dependency of kdesktop 3.5, which I'm still running because the 4.x
> plasma etc stuff is still too broken...
Vague claims.  Try asking questions about particular problems and you'll 
probably get answers that clear them up.

It seems to me that many of the complaints about KDE4 come from people who try 
to run a very mixed system, on a pick-n-mix basis.  If you feel you really 
need to stick with KDE3 for now I'd recommend installing KDE4 as a VM, 
learning to use it, and resolving any issues you find.  That way you'd both be 
useful to the wider community and be prepared to move over full-time when the 
advantage outweigh the disadvantages.

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