What's the official status of 3.5.x, anyway?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sun Jul 12 10:44:19 BST 2009

On Saturday, 2009-07-11, Duncan wrote:

> Now that's not KDE-official, but the Gentoo KDE maintainers should know,
> and that page is Gentoo/KDE project official.  One wouldn't think they'd
> make the statement without having upstream backup for it.
> So which is it?

They probably mean that there won't be any further releases of KDE3, it is 
still being worked on (as in bugfixing) by entities which support it as part 
of a LTS/Enterprise distribution or as a service company with respective 

At the time of writing this, the most recent commit to the 3.5 branch is about 
two ours old.

> And if it's the latter, why is the KDE project dumping KDE 3.5 while
> there are obviously still many many users, well before the 3-7 years
> ASeigo mentioned, AND while KDE 4 still has significant enough
> regressions in functionality (such as that of my last post, broken
> khotkeys multi-key support) that it remains "substantially broken" for
> many users, despite their best efforts to upgrade since (in my case)
> before 4.0 was even released (since I'm normally fine running beta
> software; that's water under the bridge now, but it's still
> "substantially broken" for my usage)?
> If it's NOT the latter, then I have some serious questions to ask the
> Gentoo/KDE folks.

My guess is that Gentoo doesn't have any LTS/Enterprise branch so they just 
use the most actively worked upon versions of software they aggregate.
Within their goals it probably doesn't make sense to track the 3.5. branch for 
fixes and updating their packages accordingly.


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