performance problems with ATI Radeon r300

Michael Mauch michael.mauch at
Thu Jul 2 22:25:03 BST 2009

Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:

> Is it possible that changing the governor results in performance improvements 
> for desktop effects or am I just hallucinating? ;-)

Yes ;-)

> If yes, is there a solution where I don?t have to let my CPU run with
> maximum frequency all the time, e.g., changing some parameters so that
> it runs with maximum speed when I actually use effects, but not
> always?

You could try the userspace governor along with one of the userspace
daemons like powernowd or cpufreqd. If you know when you want full speed
or long battery life and don't mind a bit of manual work, just write to
scaling_setspeed or use one of the frontends like gtk-cpuspeedy or


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