kdeglobals forgets some settings

Jason Voegele jason at jvoegele.com
Fri Jan 30 13:53:52 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 28 January 2009 11:52:07 am Roland Wolters wrote:
> Strange - is there any possibility to monitor the files for any change?

Thanks for the advice Roland.

I tried using inotify-tools to monitor the kdeglobals file, but unfortunately 
inotify does not provide the PID of the process that opens the file, so it is 
not very useful for this purpose.

> Is
> there any other instance of systemsettings opened?
> Have you modified any kiosk files?

No on both counts.

I just now noticed something interesting though.  I tried to open a patch file 
sent to me as an e-mail attachment.  I didn't have any file associations for 
.patch files, so KMail asked me what application to use to open the patch file.  
I chose Kompare, and selected the "always use this application" check box.  
Then I was shown a progress dialog that said "updating system configuration" or 
something along those lines, and after that my widget style reverted back to 
Oxygen instead of QtCurve.  I checked the kdeglobals file and sure enough, the 
widgetStyle entry was gone.

My guess is that whenever something executes this "updating system 
configuration" tool (is that kbuildsycoca?) it drops some of my settings in 
kdeglobals.  Does this sound reasonable?  Any way to fix it?

Jason Voegele
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