Getting Rid of HTML in My Messages in KMail

Kishore kitts.mailinglists at
Mon Jan 19 15:38:45 GMT 2009

On Monday 19 Jan 2009 7:33:04 pm Jerry Houston wrote:
> On Monday 19 January 2009 03:49:57 Kishore wrote:
> > > I'd much prefer to have new messages added to the end of the list, and
> > > not split up into threads (some of which were started days ago).
> >
> > Just want to let you know that one of the much requested for feature is
> > now present in the new list view. i.e. You can now sort messages by the
> > most recent message to the thread. So any old thread that has just
> > received a response will show up as recent. Previously, you could only
> > sort by the first thread.
> Apparently that's something that's just not yet working in RC1 - or at
> least, not reliably.
> Eventually I discovered that I could get a folder sorted the way I'm
> accustomed to by picking the right combination of values for four different
> options using two of the new buttons in the message list header.  Indeed, I
> could have a single list of messages, with new ones added to the end as
> they arrive, and navigate through them using the arrow keys as before.
> But my choices disappeared if I changed to another folder and then
> returned.  And with about 20 folders, setting that combination of options
> one folder at a time would be a real chore, even if they DID stay set the
> way I want them.  I couldn't find anywhere that I could make the same
> setting apply as a default to all the folders.  (Maybe it's the same
> problem?)
> I'm sure this will all be fixed before release.  KMail in KDE 3.5 and 4.1
> was good enough to make me forget all about Thunderbird, my email client
> for many years.  I was obviously just wrong about what "RC1" means to KDE.

Indeed. This seems to be fixed in trunk. However, until then you should 
choose the "configure" option from the drop down menu and set it there!
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