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Mon Jan 19 10:03:30 GMT 2009

First of all: sorry for top-posting this. I receive a daily digest, so I 
can not directly answer to a single mail, so my answer will be out of the 
original thread. Can anybody tell me how to do this?

>> Hi,
>> I have set up kde file associations to launch /usr/bin/hpglview for
>> *.hpgl, *.hpg, *.plt files (application/vnd.hp-hpgl). In konqueror, it
>> works nicely as long as I am browsing a local directory. However, 
>> whenever I am browsing a webdavs directory, clicking on the file pops 
>> up the 'What
>> to do with this file'/'Open with' questions, where I need to type
>> /usr/bin/hpglview each time. Why? Can this be changed?

> Does your application show on the 'Open with' list?  If not, try this. 
> When you get 'Open with' select Other.  Enter the name of the 
> application in the
> top bar, then check the Remember box at the bottom.
> Anne

I did exactly this. So now konqueror remembers that I want to open it with 
an 'other' program, and every time I click on such files, it pops up the 
'Open with' dialog, where I need to type in the path of the executable. 

I still don't understand, why files accessed through webdavs:/ have these 
problems, other files do not! If I mount this server directory by wdfs as 
a local directory, then everything works nice, clicking on the file is 
correctly handled by the application/vnd.hp-hpgl association, and the 
program is started.

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