Getting Rid of HTML in My Messages in KMail

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Mon Jan 19 08:26:17 GMT 2009

On Sunday 18 January 2009 22:05:14 Jerry Houston wrote:
> On Sunday 18 January 2009 13:54:06 Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Sunday 18 January 2009 18:43:33 Jerry Houston wrote:
> > > While we're on the subject of KMail, can anyone tell me how to turn OFF
> > > threading of the message list in KDE 4.2?
> >
> > In Settings > Configure KMail > Message List > Threaded Message List -
> > uncheck it for the default.  You can override this for certain folders by
> > using the Folder menu on the main kmail page.
> Thanks for the quick answer.  When I navigate to that Message List tab,
> there are (only) these options available:
>     General
>         Display tooltips for messages and group headers
>         Hide tab bar when only one tab is open
>     Date Display
>         Standard format
>         Localized format
>         Fancy format
>         Custom format
You were looking in the right place.  What distro is this?  You should have, 
in the General section,

Show Quick Search
Display message sizes
Show crypto icons
Show attachment icon
Threaded messge list

You should also have a section called 'Threaded Message List Options'.

> As I said, I couldn't find an appropriate option anywhere, either as a
> general option or for the folders themselves.  And the default appears to
> be threading turned ON.  Since I updated to KDE 4.2 RC1, I've had to go
> searching for my unread messages, making it very difficult to read email as
> it arrives.
> I'd much prefer to have new messages added to the end of the list, and not
> split up into threads (some of which were started days ago).
> What am I doing wrong?
Nothing wrong - you just haven't got it organised as you want.  If you don't 
have the option as described above, see if you can set it from the Folders 
menu in the main screen.  You'll have to do it for every folder where it 
matters to you, but it should work.

Then, when threading is off, click on the Date field header.  It's a toggle 
switch for Ascending and Descending sort.  You can use the Folder threading 
switch to temporarily switch threading on if you need to refer back to earlier 
in the thread, then go back to your preferred method.

The reason I love kmail so much is that it is possible to work in pretty well 
any way that suits you :-)  HTH

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