Getting Rid of HTML in My Messages in KMail

Jerry Houston jerry at
Sun Jan 18 17:26:37 GMT 2009

On Sunday 18 January 2009 09:12:55 Hal Vaughan wrote:
> Is there some way to specify this as no HTML permanently?  It seems 
> there are a lot of settings KMail expects me to set or check every time 
> I open the Composer window to write an email.  (I'm not trying to 
> complain to you about it -- I appreciate the help, but it is a serious 
> flaw in the UI.)

What works best for me is to arrange for mailing list emails to be filtered into their own folders, and to set those folders to prefer plain text.  And to use the identity that's appropriate for that list.

If I'm IN the appropriate folder when I create a new message for the list, it's done properly.  And if I reply to one of the list messages, it's likewise done as text-only, and from the right identity (nearly all the time).  KMail even properly handles the list header, so that a reply correctly goes to the list.

There are probably other solutions, but I want motorcycle messages, KDE messages, SUSE messages, and all the other mailing list messages to be in their own folders anyway.  That being the case, just properly setting the folder properties solves this problem for me.
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