Getting Rid of HTML in My Messages in KMail

Hal Vaughan hal at
Sun Jan 18 16:48:05 GMT 2009

Interesting -- this message came through before I have seen my original 
posted to the list.

On Sunday 18 January 2009, Kishore wrote:
> On Sunday 18 Jan 2009 9:40:24 pm Hal Vaughan wrote:
> > So how can I tell KMail to use text only and NOT any HTML in my
> > outgoing messages?
> AFAIK, the setting you choose in the composer window sticks. So if
> you send a mail using the inbuilt composer *ensuring* that the HTML
> option was turned off from the options menu. It should then be turned
> off by default the next time you compose a mail.
> At least, that is the way it is meant to be.

I'm looking at the Settings window and have selected Composer.  There 
are the following tabs across the top: General, Standard Templates, 
Custom Templates, Subject, Charset, Headers, Attachments.  I've checked 
through them all.  I *really* hope I'm missing something obvious, but I 
don't see a single place that specifies using HTML or text.

Can we assume that somehow I have turned into a complete idiot or have 
gone selectively blind and can someone specify exactly where this 
setting is to specify HTML or text in KMail 1.10.3 in KDE 4.1.3?


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