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Charles Dillard charlesdillard at
Sat Jan 17 01:20:31 GMT 2009

Somebody tell me how to create a desktop application launcher for KDE 4.1.3. This was done in KDE 3.x by right-clicking the desktop, selecting "New" from a menu, then selecting "application launch" and following the prompts.

Now. When I say "create a desktop application launch" I am not interested in the politics of KDE 4.1.3, the logic of KDE 4.1.3, the philosophy of KDE 4.1.3. I am not interested in someone sending me code. I am not interested in downloading a debugging tool and analyzing output. 

The answer to my question is probably some kind of a right-click, a left-click. Something easy.

Better yet. If someone could point me to a tutorial on how to create a desktop app launcher, that would do. Can't seem to find one. I can find a lot of discussion about KDE 4.1.3. I can find a lot of debate. A lot of talk, a lot of chit-chat. But no tutorial.

So yeah, if you could send me a link to a tutorial, that would do.

While we're at it, where is the kicker? Hint: It's not at the "bottom of the screen" as Help believes. 



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