[KDE4.1.3]: No graphic login ... KDE3 works

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 15 19:49:12 GMT 2009

On Thursday 15 January 2009 17:59:31 Hans Muecke wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2009 04:20:22 schrieb Anne Wilson:
> > I think this is a misunderstanding.  Other desktops/window managers are
> > not using the same parts of the X driver - there are parts that have been
> > virtually untested until now.  This is new ground.  However, there are
> > workarounds for most hardware situations that should get you sorted.  I
> > would have thought that the *buntu lists were your best bet, otherwise
> > it's just google to find a case most similar to yours, I'm afraid.
> Anne ... so You are suggesting to look into X? 

Not exactly.  I was merely trying to explain why Graham's last sentence was 
off the mark :-)

> Just curious because a day
> earlier on a 10.3/KDE3.5 machine I had now X after startup. Something
> destroyed the x11.conf, which I was able to restore.

I don't think you said which distro you are using, and this sort of thing can 
be very distro-specific.  Fedora, for instance, have decided to go down the 
road of letting hal handle the video, and no xorg.conf file is written unless 
you force the issue by either installing system-config-display or by running 
'xorg --config'.  They say it works out of the box for most people.

I think your problem is probably a missing parameter.  I'd first of all look 
at adding or removing parameters from the grub command.  If you can, remove 
the graphical boot (if you do it from the grub menu it will be a once-only 
setting).  In Fedora you need to remove rhgb and quiet.  That should allow you 
to watch the text scroll up the screen and may give you a clue what's 
happening.  Then I'd try adding parameters such as noapic, nolapic.  I think 
there are one or two more to try - hopefully someone else will jump in with 

If adding the parameters allows you to boot you can then add it to 
/boot/grub/menu.lst (or grub.conf if you don't have a menu.lst) and it will 
become a permanent change.

Just a few ideas to try

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