[KDE4.1.3]: No graphic login ... KDE3 works

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 15 10:20:22 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 14 January 2009 22:32:30 Graham Todd wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Jan 2009 12:13:43 -0600
> Hans Muecke <kde at 4077th-mash.net> wrote:
> > Well ... I'm not shure this applies to my case. I didn't change any
> > resolution related stuff. I did a normal shutdown in the morning and
> > after turning the machine on again in the eve, KDE4 did the
> > "black-screen-go-to-start-thing". KDE3 is working, so I am assuming I
> > am missing a certain config file ...
> [snipped]
> I have the same trouble and I'm sure its a bug with KDE 4.x
> When I run the live edition of Kubuntu 8.10 that contains KDE 4.1 on an
> amd64 machine with a nvidia graphics card, it runs OK and I see the KDE
> 4 desktop (with plasmoids).  However, if I install the live cd to my
> hard drive and run it, I get the login screen, then I get a white
> screen which shortly afterwards turns black with a large rectangle in
> the middle that is VERY dark grey.  It is at that point all activity
> ceases with the hard drive.
> This does not happen with KDE 3.5.x, Gnome 2.0, or Enlightenment E17,
> so I do not see why it should occur with KDE 4.x installs.  I have
> tried a number of things suggested by the kubuntu-users list without
> success, but I have not yet tried renaming ~/.kde file to ~/.kde_old
> and then installing KDE, so that's the next thing to try. 

If you rename ~/.kde you do not need to reinstall kde.  It will automatically 
be re-created by restarting your login.

> However, I
> certainly think this is something that the KDE developers should have
> forseen, as other desktop/window manager developers seem to have done.

I think this is a misunderstanding.  Other desktops/window managers are not 
using the same parts of the X driver - there are parts that have been 
virtually untested until now.  This is new ground.  However, there are 
workarounds for most hardware situations that should get you sorted.  I would 
have thought that the *buntu lists were your best bet, otherwise it's just 
google to find a case most similar to yours, I'm afraid.

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