Kaffeine DVD/CD Issues

Barry Premeaux bpx at basicisp.net
Wed Jan 14 23:05:13 GMT 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> LiteOn drives, as such, are not suspect.  I've used them for years.  Even my 
> stand-alone DVD recorder is LiteOn - and it appears to be running xine.
> Anne

Since they read the basic data type of DVD/CD, I didn't really think 
they would be, or that it could be brand issue.  But, I haven't been 
able to find a configuration problem that would give me a clue to what 
is wrong.  The only difference, other than brand, is that I am accessing 
one drive through the IDE buss and the other through a USB port.  
Through the USB port, everything works fine.  Over the IDE buss, it does 
not work.

This system replaced an old K6II-450 that was running Suse9.0.  It had 
no problems playing audio CDs.  Perhaps this is a Mandriva related problem?


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