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daniel.barna at daniel.barna at
Wed Jan 14 18:39:44 GMT 2009

Is there a gui printing interface in kde 4.1? where one can
- select printer, set options
- set orientation, scaling, and *preview* it on the given media?
I could only find /opt/kde3/bin/kprinter (it seems it is an old port to 
kde 4.1?), but it gives no preview, I can't set scaling, etc.
Should one fire up gwenview every time one wants to print something?
Also, I am missing the 'Print' button from ksnapshot. I can only click 
'Open with', and specify either kprinter or gwenview.

A loosely related question: in KDE3, once gwenview generated the thumbnail 
images for the content of a directory, one could happily scroll this 
content, with the thumbnail view instantly available.
In the new version (KDE 4.1.3, gwenview 2.1.3), if one scrolls off from a 
given set of pics, their thumbnail is 'forgotten', and the next time one
scrolls back to them, they are regenerated and one needs to wait.

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