opensuse 11.1 keyboard mapping and xmodmap issues

Andy Harrison aharrison at
Fri Jan 2 13:49:04 GMT 2009

I have a sun ultra 40 workstation and I use the sun type 7 keyboard.
Previously I was using opensuse 10.2 with KDE 3.5, but recently did a
fresh install of 11.1 and started using KDE 4.1.  Now I can no longer
map all of the extra keys available on the type 7 keyboard.  The only
keys that will map successfully are the audio control keys (keycodes
160, 174, and 176) and the Help key (keycode 245).

I'm using the same .Xmodmap file I was using on 10.2.  I confirmed
with xev that the keycode numbers I'm using are correct.  I confirmed
in /usr/share/X11/XKeysymDB that the keysymnames I'm using are
correct.  To no avail.  For example, if I try to map the sleep/suspend
key (keycode 222) to the Lock Session function as I had it in 10.2, it
doesn't even acknowledge that I'm pressing the key, though I can
assign it to another key such as Pause.

My .Xmodmap file:

 $ grep '^[^\!]' ~/.Xmodmap
keycode 245 = XF86Launch0
keycode 232 = SunStop
keycode 133 = SunAgain
keycode 134 = SunProps
keycode 135 = SunUndo
keycode 140 = SunFront
keycode 248 = SunCopy
keycode 191 = SunOpen
keycode 192 = SunPaste
keycode 122 = SunFind
keycode 188 = SunCut
keycode 160 = XF86AudioMute
keycode 174 = XF86AudioLowerVolume
keycode 176 = XF86AudioRaiseVolume
keycode 222 = XF86ScreenSaver

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

Andy Harrison
public key: 0x67518262
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