I want KDE3 task bar behaviour

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Fri Feb 27 16:39:24 GMT 2009

Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>>>> In KDE 4, this behaviour is no longer the default (the task bar stays
>>>> invisible), and I haven't found a way to switch it on.  How can I
>>>> reactivate this?  Or has this feature been dropped?  This would be a
>>>> reason to file a big, fat bug report
>> Which KDE 4.x are you using?
> 4.2 with openSuSE 11.1, everything updated today from
> KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop.
>> Taskbar hiding was not available before 4.2.
> `Available'?  This somehow indicates that I can the feature back.
> How?  In case this my assumption is true, I wasn't able to find it...
>     Werner

Click on the "cashew" looking thingy on the end of the taskbar. Click on 
"More Settings". Hiding should be the sixth option down the list. At 
least that's where it is in my Kubuntu 9.10/KDE 4.2. I suppose YMMV.

> PS: BTW, the update today made my KDE noticeably slower!  After
>     switching virtual desktops it takes more than half a second until,
>     say, a kconsole window is completely `active'.  Very strange.
>     Hopefully, this gets fixed soon.  Compared to my openSuSE 10.3
>     (with KDE 4.1.3), my whole system -- on the same computer -- is
>     really much, much slower, even before today's worsening.  Sigh.

I have noticed that KDE 4 is slower than KDE 3.x overall but that's just 
my own observation. I still have a few things about KDE 4.x that I'm not 
so happy with but overall I believe it will improve given time. After 
all from what I hear KDE 3.x wasn't so hot in its birthing either [ 
before my time with Linux ].
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