Allow remote login via KDM

alpha_one_x86 alpha.super-one at
Mon Feb 23 16:11:09 GMT 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I have two KDE machines and I'd like to log in to one (ComputerA) from
> the other's (ComputerB) KDM screen. ComputerB has an option to log
> into a remote machine, however, when I enter ComputerA's IP address
> then Add, nothing is added. I suppose that I need to configure
> something on ComputerA to allow this, but in an hour's googling I have
> found nothing that works. I seem to remember an option in Kcontrol
> once to allow remote logins, however, KDE4's System Settings does not
> have this.
> The computer that I want to log into (ComputerA) is running Kubuntu
> 8.10 with KDE 4.2. Thanks.
Need xdmcp at true in kdm.conf, but the panel not provide this options,
and it's bugged in KDE 4.2, thanks to developer to correct it.

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