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Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Sat Feb 21 20:41:42 GMT 2009

On Saturday 21 February 2009 20:04:50 Daniel D Jones wrote:
> For some reason, certain messages aren't accessible in KMail.  They show up
> in the message list window but selecting them there results in a blank
> message window.  I can't open them or reply to them, etc.  This is
> happening in multiple folders.  I was able to fix the problem in my inbox
> by right-clicking the folder and selecting "Rebuild Index."  However, this
> option is available in only the default folders.  I have a large number of
> custom folders and right-clicking them doesn't give me that option.  I even
> added the icon to rebuild the indexes to the toolbar but it disappears when
> I select one of my custom folders.  Is there anyway to have KMail rebuild
> those indexes?
I've seen that option on local folders, but not on my imap folders.  Actually, 
it's usually the local folders that seem to develop this fault, in my case.  
Anyway, back to your problem.  I don't know of any gui way.  If you can get to 
the mail directories using dolphin or konqueror you can simply identify the 
index files that belong to the directory in question and delete them.  Those 
blank messages are gone, but you stand a fair chance of saving all the others.  
Naturally you do that with kmail closed :-)

Whenever you see this corruption, close kmail immediately and delete the 
appropriate index files.  You can then re-start kmail and you should be fine.

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