KMail rebuild index

Daniel D Jones ddjones at
Sat Feb 21 20:04:50 GMT 2009

For some reason, certain messages aren't accessible in KMail.  They show up in 
the message list window but selecting them there results in a blank message 
window.  I can't open them or reply to them, etc.  This is happening in 
multiple folders.  I was able to fix the problem in my inbox by right-clicking 
the folder and selecting "Rebuild Index."  However, this option is available 
in only the default folders.  I have a large number of custom folders and 
right-clicking them doesn't give me that option.  I even added the icon to 
rebuild the indexes to the toolbar but it disappears when I select one of my 
custom folders.  Is there anyway to have KMail rebuild those indexes?

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