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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Feb 20 06:59:12 GMT 2009

Rick Miles wrote:
> I prefer to use konqueror with the the navigation panel (on the side) 
> hidden. I have been able to do this session by turning it off with F9 or 
> in the Settings menu. However, This setting seems to be per session with 
> the navigation panel returning the next time I open Konqueror.
> I saved a profile named "nopanel" in Profile Management and closed with 
> the nopanel profile current but the next time I open konqueror it opened 
> to File Management. I have found no work around for this other than to 
> rename the File Management profile by adding a couple x's to it.
> Once that was done konqueror opens in my nopanel profile.
> Is there another way to set the default view profile in Konqueror?
First, the answer is yes.  You can drag the edge of the frame for the 
part with the files to adjust the size of the Navigation Panel.  So, you 
can drag it all the way to the edge and hide the Navigation Panel.  Then 
save the File Management profile and the Navigation Panel is gone.  Note 
that this is probably just a bug and it shouldn't work that way.

I think that you have found a bug and should report it.  That is, 
whether or not to display the Navigation Panel should be part of the 
File Management profile.  The proof that this is simply a bug is that it 
works for the Web Browsing profile.

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