How do you shut off the automounting in KDE?

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at
Thu Feb 19 19:35:53 GMT 2009

Scott Pancoast wrote:
> How do you shut off knotify? Or change it's mounting parameters to
> read-only?
> When I plug a thumb drive into my system, Knotify pops up and lets me
> know that the drive is now mounted and accessible.  A really neat
> feature. But right now I have the need to shut this feature off or at
> least change the mounting parameters. 

It is not mounted ;)  It only gets mounted of you actually open it in 

As for mount options, there's no way yet to specify any.  But since, as 
I mentioned above, it's not mounted at all, there's no problem.

> I would like to shut off the service.  One idea that comes to mind is to
> uninstall the program. Anyone have a better idea?

If you put an fstab entry for it, I think HAL will stop detecting it, 
not sure.  Oh, did I mention that it actually doesn't get mounted until 
you open it in Dolphin?  ;)

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