Desktop and Panel links and icon's missing. What do

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Feb 19 05:38:43 GMT 2009

frmrick at wrote:
> Quoting Scott Pancoast <SPancoast at>:
>>> Scott Pancoast wrote:
>>>> I upgraded to KDE4.2. from 3.5.
>>>> When I upgraded I lost all of my desktop icons. Ok, that 
>>>> happens. Nothing big.  So I went through the application menu, 
>>>> and added my favorite desktop Icon's/links back onto my 
>>>> desktop,
>>> You dragged menu icons to the DeskTop?  Which would mean that you
>>>  have the FolderView selected for your Desktop.
> ??? In kde 4.2 on slackware 12.2 it is possible to drag icons onto 
> the desktop not into a folderview on the desktop.

No, but there is an option to make the whole screen a FolderView.

> I have done it with konqueror, dolphin, kmail and I just did it with
> dragon player. I do not have folderview set.
> BTW where are those icons with the desktop settings stored? I asked 
> on another thread and have not had a reply yet.
The icons in a FolderView are by default in the: $HOME/Desktop folder
unless you moved it (in which case they would be in the path indicated
in System Settings::About Me::Paths::Desktop path

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