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Rick Miles frmrick at
Wed Feb 18 20:05:57 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 18 February 2009 23:20:55 Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 February 2009 11:22:13 Rick Miles wrote:
> > Thanks Anne. I'll check the links out tomorrow,. I don't know how I
> > missed that advanced tab. I removed the scribus references manually but I
> > still would like to know how/where the mime info is stored away. Silly me
> > I'm just used to editors and such. Never did like/trust gui configurators
> > all that much :<)
> I do understand that feeling :-)  Sorry that I don't know the answer to
> this, though.
> Anne
Returning to the icons topic at the beginning of this thread, 

Where are these icons found that I am supposed to add to quicklauncher, where are 
the icons in the menus found? These guys are some sort of special file. I stumbled 
upon them yesterday but can't figure out where they are now. Quicklaucnher does 
not by default open on to that directory.

I believe I had made up some of these thingos last year by editing them in an 
editor (oh kedit where art thous ...sob!) If I can't do it the the old kde 3 way 
then makinging them up another way is what I need to do. For example I use gopdit 
for editing tv broadcasts I've saved and I want to have an icon for it on my desk. 
I could drag it out of the menu  onto the desktop if it was in the menu but it is 

 I haven't found a literature on this yet by I could figure out how to do it If I 
could have a look at the other ones
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