[4.2.0] Notifications aren't working

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at arcor.de
Mon Feb 16 21:10:55 GMT 2009

I decided to fully switch to KDE 4.2.0 and its applications.  For 
example the KDE4 version of Kopete instead of the KDE3 one, etc.  To get 
a fresh start with no configuration problems, I built everything from 
scratch and using Qt 4.5.0 RC1.  However, I'm facing a problem. 
Notifications/events don't seem to be working.  For example, if I set up 
various notifications in System Settings (like for example playing a 
sound when minimizing windows or a pop-up when switching desktops), 
nothing happens.  No sound, no pop-up.

This is a real show stopper for applications like Kopete.  Now, when 
someone tries to chat with me, I have no way to tell that there's 
actually someone trying to chat with me.  No pop-up notification by 
Kopete and so sound.  Kopete turns useless.

If I actually click on the "play" button in System Settings to preview 
the sound, it plays fine.  But only there.

I'm on Gentoo Linux AMD64.

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