[4.2.0] Mouse back/forward buttons don't work

Franz Berger fr4nk.is.a.geek at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 23:11:06 GMT 2009

On Friday 13 February 2009 01:24:55 Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
> In Firefox (and pretty much everything else in the face of this Earth),
> I can go back/forward by clicking the back/forward buttons of my mouse.
>   In Konqueror, they don't work.  Also, they're not configurable in the
> "Configure Hotkeys" dialog of Konqeuror.
> Any way I can fix this?

While I haven't found a way to make KDE use the thumb keys directly, I 
currently use `imwheel` to just send the Alt+left (or right) keys to 
konqueror/dolphin. I know it's just a workaround, but I guess it's better than 

The relevant lines of my ~/.imwheelrc are:

None,   Thumb1, Alt_L|Left
None,   Thumb2, Alt_L|Right

None,   Thumb1, Alt_L|Left
None,   Thumb2, Alt_L|Right

Some additional information that may be useful: I have a Logitech MX510 and 
the thumb buttons are recognized as buttons 8 and 9 by X (mouse configured 
using evdev driver)
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