Is it possible to setup spamitarium with bogofilter on Kmail

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at
Fri Feb 13 18:34:16 GMT 2009

I'm having problems with some spam, which has a subject line of "no subject", 
and has no "To", "From", or "Date" entries, although a date does show in the 
message body.

No amount of training bogofilter with these spam emails resolves the problem. 
They are still turning up in the Inbox.

there is a perl script named spamitarium, that you can use along with 
bogofilter, which apparently adds tokens to the missing headers, so that 
bogofilter has an easier job as identifying these messages as spam. Link to 
the script below.

I've seen instructions for using this script with procmail, but I'm 
downloading my email directly to Kmail. Has anyone had any success in using 
this script directly with Kmail, and if so, what is the procedure.

My Kmail is a bit ancient (1.6.2 on Fedora core 2 (also ancient)), but all is 
still working ok, apart from these spam problems.

Any suggestions from those using spamitarium with bogofilter, and directly 
with Kmail, very welcome.

I've attached an example of this spam, as I cannot even send this email if I 
simply quote the message content (my ISP no doubt). Even so the attachment 
may be stripped from my post before arriving at the list, as happened when I 
tried to post it to the bogofilter list for review. If that is so, I will 
gladly send it offlist to anyone that wants to have a look at it.


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