Plasma extremelly unstable

David stormbyte at
Thu Feb 12 07:07:27 GMT 2009

On Jueves 12 Febrero 2009 05:22:53 James Richard Tyrer escribió:
> David wrote:
> > Hi there, I don't know if someone is having same troubles like me, but,
> > for me, plasma (plasmoids) are extremelly unstable.
> > When running with a theme (downloaded through the built in assistant for
> > downloading themes from kde-look) named "Oxyglass" after a while, all
> > plasma freezes (plasmoids are no longer updated (the CPU one for example,
> > the clock either...) but you can still click in the task manager to
> > raise/minimize windows despite it is frozen).
> > It is really weird and annoying, since plasma restarts itself.
> > I don't know if it's a theme problem, or a plasma problem handling the
> > theme, but I want to solve this, since the command I most use is "killall
> > plasma && plasma" from a konsole or krunner :(
> > Any ideas/workarrounds?
> I have an ATI RADEON 9200 and I have no instability using the XF86
> driver from (except for the bug with the Battery Monitor).  Most
> people that are having problems are using nVidia cards with the nVidia
> Kernel and OpenGL drivers.
> Have you tried turning off: "Enable desktop effects" in the Desktop
> section of System Settings (new name for Control Center)?  If this
> improves things, it is probably a driver issue.
> I think that there have already been some bug fixes for some issues in
> the 4.2 branch.  Your distro might have released an updated binary, or
> if you build from source, you can use the 4.2 BRANCH rather than the
> 4.2.0 release.

I've researched it a little bit, and nvidia issues are *discarted* in this 
With same nvidia driver, same kernel config, I discovered that the problem 
only appears when I have certain applets loaded.
In my case I have problems when running:
System Monitor - CPU
System Monitor - Temperature
System Monitor - Network
FOlder View

If I unload all the System Monitor plasmoids, I cannot reproduce again, so 
it's not nvidia but plasma related.
Should I open a bug? (and if so, people that answered they had similar problem 
with plasmoids and plasma, answer to that bug too?)
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