Plasma extremelly unstable

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Feb 12 04:22:53 GMT 2009

David wrote:
> Hi there, I don't know if someone is having same troubles like me, but, for 
> me, plasma (plasmoids) are extremelly unstable.
> When running with a theme (downloaded through the built in assistant for 
> downloading themes from kde-look) named "Oxyglass" after a while, all plasma 
> freezes (plasmoids are no longer updated (the CPU one for example, the clock 
> either...) but you can still click in the task manager to raise/minimize 
> windows despite it is frozen).
> It is really weird and annoying, since plasma restarts itself.
> I don't know if it's a theme problem, or a plasma problem handling the theme, 
> but I want to solve this, since the command I most use is "killall plasma && 
> plasma" from a konsole or krunner :(
> Any ideas/workarrounds?

I have an ATI RADEON 9200 and I have no instability using the XF86 
driver from (except for the bug with the Battery Monitor).  Most 
people that are having problems are using nVidia cards with the nVidia 
Kernel and OpenGL drivers.

Have you tried turning off: "Enable desktop effects" in the Desktop 
section of System Settings (new name for Control Center)?  If this 
improves things, it is probably a driver issue.

I think that there have already been some bug fixes for some issues in 
the 4.2 branch.  Your distro might have released an updated binary, or 
if you build from source, you can use the 4.2 BRANCH rather than the 
4.2.0 release.


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