Plasma extremelly unstable

David stormbyte at
Tue Feb 10 17:11:14 GMT 2009

Hi there, I don't know if someone is having same troubles like me, but, for 
me, plasma (plasmoids) are extremelly unstable.
When running with a theme (downloaded through the built in assistant for 
downloading themes from kde-look) named "Oxyglass" after a while, all plasma 
freezes (plasmoids are no longer updated (the CPU one for example, the clock 
either...) but you can still click in the task manager to raise/minimize 
windows despite it is frozen).
It is really weird and annoying, since plasma restarts itself.
I don't know if it's a theme problem, or a plasma problem handling the theme, 
but I want to solve this, since the command I most use is "killall plasma && 
plasma" from a konsole or krunner :(
Any ideas/workarrounds?
(Using KDE 4.2.0 from gentoo)
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