Problems Installing KDE

Graham Todd grahamtodd2 at
Wed Feb 4 16:59:20 GMT 2009

I am trying to install Kubuntu 8.10, and I have had no success.
Several posts to the Kubuntu-users list has yielded nothing, so I
wonder if you can help me.

First the hardware.  It uses an amd64 architecture, but as the box was
built for me I don't know what kind of graphics card it has except that
it is a nVidia card.  It also has 2 x 120gig hard drives and 4 gig of

I have a live disk of an amd64 version of Kubuntu, and when loaded as a
live disk the KDE 4.1 desktop is complete, together with an install
icon.  I next click on that icon and go all through the installation,
until I'm asked to restart, but after the reboot, I get the login
screen, them the screen goes white and next black except for a
rectangle in the middle of the screen which you can just see as its
colour is very dark grey.  The system then freezes.

Gnome Xfce and enlightenment all run well for me, but not KDE through
Kubuntu.  Can anybody explain this?  Moreover can they help me to
install Kubuntu?

Graham Todd
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