transparent icon labels

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Tue Feb 3 09:45:59 GMT 2009

>> I'm using the German version of KDE), I can only add them on the
>> right side, but not on the left side.  How comes?  Additionally,
>> why can't I move mini program icons from the right to the left
>> within the control bar?  Or in general: Why can't I change (similar
>> to, say, Firefox tabs) the order of the various elements?
> Which version is this, Werner?


> Can you see a cashew at the extreme right of the panel?


> If so, click that and you should get a configuration panel open.
> Now hover over an icon that you want to move and you should see the
> cursor change to a diamond shape.  Use that to drag the icon to
> where you want it.

We are probably miscommunicating.  I'm talking of the layout of the
symbols within the task bar, not moving icons around the panel.

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