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Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Tue Feb 3 08:05:59 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 03 February 2009 07:29:24 Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> > $ kquitapp plasma \
> >   && sleep 5 \
> >   && rm `kde4-config --localprefix`/share/config/plasma* \
> >   && plasma
> I did that now, and it worked!  Thanks.  Just for completeness: I got
> some warning messages (see below) while doing this, and both kdolphin
> no longer appeared in the lower left part of the control bar.
> Hmm, now there are some new issues: If I add mini programs to the
> control bar (or is it called task bar? 

The whole thing is the panel.  Nomenclature is confusing, but I understand the 
'task bar' to be the part where open applications show up.

> I'm using the German version of
> KDE), I can only add them on the right side, but not on the left side.
> How comes?  Additionally, why can't I move mini program icons from the
> right to the left within the control bar?  Or in general: Why can't I
> change (similar to, say, Firefox tabs) the order of the various
> elements?
Which version is this, Werner?  Can you see a cashew at the extreme right of 
the panel?  If so, click that and you should get a configuration panel open.  
Now hover over an icon that you want to move and you should see the cursor 
change to a diamond shape.  Use that to drag the icon to where you want it.

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