transparent icon labels

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Feb 2 21:43:29 GMT 2009

Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>>> I've played around with the background transparency of a terminal
>>> window, and suddenly the label of my `firefox' icon on the desktop
>>> was half transparent.  Unfortunately, I can't repeat this process,
>>> but the problem persists: The icon is not transparent, but its
>>> label is.  I haven't found how to change that back.  A bug?  Where
>>> can I control this?
>> I suspect that it is what you have called a bug.
> OK.  Any fix available?  The problem is that any newly created desktop
> icon inherits this half transparent icon label setting.
>> If your FireFox icon is in the Desktop Folder View, you can set the
>> Text color.
> No, it's a single icon on the desktop.
Well actually, if you have an icon on the desktop then you have the 
option to Folder View the whole Desktop set.  So, it is the same thing.

> I can't find any settings within my .kde directory which controls
> transparency (except switching it on and off).
There isn't any for Folder View text -- at least I can't find it.
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