transparent icon labels

Werner LEMBERG wl at
Mon Feb 2 15:34:15 GMT 2009

>> I've played around with the background transparency of a terminal
>> window, and suddenly the label of my `firefox' icon on the desktop
>> was half transparent.  Unfortunately, I can't repeat this process,
>> but the problem persists: The icon is not transparent, but its
>> label is.  I haven't found how to change that back.  A bug?  Where
>> can I control this?
> I suspect that it is what you have called a bug.

OK.  Any fix available?  The problem is that any newly created desktop
icon inherits this half transparent icon label setting.

> If your FireFox icon is in the Desktop Folder View, you can set the
> Text color.

No, it's a single icon on the desktop.

I can't find any settings within my .kde directory which controls
transparency (except switching it on and off).

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