How to let konqueror startup with last session?

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Fri Dec 18 20:20:40 GMT 2009

Anne Wilson <cannewilson at> dixit:

> On Friday 18 December 2009 10:32:48 spir wrote:
> > Hello,
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> > Everything in the title.
> > Konqueror always starts anew, with home page only. Cannot find related
> >  setting.
> > 
> You can manually save a session with File > Sessions > Save As, then load that 
> session next time you launch Konqueror.  Not quite a simple as automatically 
> loading the tabs you were running last time, but it works quite well.  You can 
> also overwrite sessions, so if you choose to save a session Browsing and 
> another called WIP, you can save your changed sessions over the old ones for 
> use later.
> One caviat - I have three such sessions saved.  The one I saved separately 
> works exactly as expected.  However, I had both the other two windows open 
> when I saved their sessions, and choosing either of those sessions seems to 
> result in both of them opening.

Right. Just to be sure (because I'm surprised of the absence of such a common setting): Does this mean one cannot just close Konqueror and/or switch the computer off, then later resume work where it stopped? (Most apps I use work like that, including firefox*.) We really have to to _explicitely_ save a session? As the feature exists, is there a reason why it cannot be defined as a setting?


(*) I cannot use firefox anymore, since the bug that erased all my setting -- it simply doesn't start, just pretends to for a couple of seconds.

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