Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Mon Dec 14 04:27:08 GMT 2009

Draciron Smith posted on Sun, 13 Dec 2009 21:54:37 -0600 as excerpted:

> My perspective is this. If your going to single task items, that is the
> control center goes away when you choose display for example, then the
> point of wrapping it in either a tree or a box is what?  Honestly it
> just adds a click to get to things and doesn't organize things. Most
> settings live outside kcontrol as such that is just one of many places
> you might go looking for where to edit a setting an hope that you get it
> right. It'd be much easier to find things if your going to single task
> items to just leave them as separate menu entries in a sub menu under
> admin or system.

> The new way is slightly harder to find stuff but I'd still
> strongly prefer the seperate menu entries as that would be MUCH easier
> to find stuff and saves a click as well as seconds in opening this vast
> app who's only purpose is to open another app.

Actually, with the returned tree view, the tree doesn't go away when you 
open the applet.  It stays there, just as it did in the old kcontrol.

And if you want separate menu items, that's available too.  Simply add 
the classic menu plasmoid to your panel or desktop (if you don't have it 
there already), secondary-click on it and choose settings, and make sure 
at least the "system settings" (that is /not/ system settings but rather 
kde settings) option is chosen.  As with kde3, you now have fly-out menu 
access to your kcontrol modules. (Yes, at least /they/ are still 
accurately called kcontrol modules, kcms for short, even if the menu/app 
housing them has gone with some entirely generic and misleading name that 
doesn't describe the settings it actually contains, that would still be 
too generic to actually identify the thing even if it did actually have 
system settings!)

I like kcontrol, and I'm fine with the default being whatever cockeyed 
thing they decide it should be, as long as it's configurable to both 
tree, for the single app when I'm in the mood for it, and menu, for the 
individual kcms, when I want just one.  Just don't call it system setting 
when it has nothing to do with actual /system/ settings, give it an 
accurate and non-generic name (like... ummm... kcontrol sounds good... 
that's it!  kcontrol! =:^) , and don't take away my configurability! =:^]

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