Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sat Dec 12 14:03:18 GMT 2009

On Friday, 2009-12-11, Draciron Smith wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 6:05 AM, Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at gmx.at> wrote:
> > On Friday, 2009-12-11, Draciron Smith wrote:
> >
> > You are misinterpreting what people are writing.
> > It is not about *finding* apps, it is about *adding* them.
> > If they were to be found they would already be in the menu.
> Actually Kevin I'm one of the ones who's talking about adding items :)
> One of my biggest gripes about KDE 4's panel and menu system.

Maybe a misunderstanding then.
In your other post you complained about menu editor not *finding* programs, 
int can certainly add new ones.

> >> As I've pointed out repeatedly Krunner really offers no functionality
> >> not availible from a command line. It is essentially an ecapsulated
> >> command line which might be great for some but is nothing close to the
> >> functionality I rely on.
> >
> > I have quick access to a real shell through Yakuake anytime I want one
> > and often use it in favor over KRunner, but it is simply not true that
> > KRunner doesn't offer anything over a normal shell.
> I'm not understanding.  The applets offered in Krunner are just really
> links to apps you can call quickly and easily from the shell. The
> autocompletion is in the shell but the shell has by default a longer
> command history plus you can search it as well as having every
> console/X app at your disposal if you know enough of it's name too get
> it too autocomplete.  I'm sure for some folks Krunner is great but
> it's not giving any added value if you already have console windows
> open and are comfortable with them.

I have yet to see a shell which has built-ins for "gg:" or "leo:" or "dict:" 
or "kde:" or "wp:" or "imdb:" or "qt:"

I have also yet to see a shell which autocompletes kmail when I type mail or 
autocompletes kmail with a recepient as an argument when I type the name of a 
person in my address book.

Shells are really good at completing executable names, directory names, 
quickly switching to directories, quickly copying/moving files, etc.

Basically totally orthogonal to KRunner, they only thing they have in common 
is completion of app names.

> msvcrt.dll is one of a couple files that MUST be installed for a
> Visual C++ compiled app to run. It's literally a run time lib, the
> name even stands for microsoft visual C run time. VC is not truely a
> compiled language.

I think it is just a runtime link dependency, e.g. like Qt for a KDE program 
or libstdc++ for a C++ program.

> > Thats mainly a matter of having at least one really compelling
> > application available.
> > Say, for example, K3B would have been written with Gambas, there would
> > have been (there are alternatives now, but not back then) no way end user
> > oriented distributions would not ship it.
> Yup, a killer app. Once one is written more will be written and so on.
> Python is already showing what empowering non-C++ coders can do and
> look at the huge base of Perl code out there now.

I am really looking forward to such a killer app :)

> OS's live and die on the compilers. Apple did the right thing making
> it easy to write Iphone apps. If you had to wait for Apple to write
> the apps the Iphone would have never really caught on I think. So the
> more the avg Joe is able to write software the more software will be
> out there, the more software the more chances of that killer must have
> app being written, which means more people on that platform which
> means more people writing software and so on.

I think the first platform to get this right, even before Apple with iPhone, 
was Mozilla, i.e. allowing extensions to be written with just JavaScript and 
One could do full applications with their XUL runner framework as well, but I 
think the key is additions and customizations.

The availability of a high performance JavaScript interpreter in Qt (through 
WebKit's script core) will hopefully bring such options to more KDE apps in 
the future.

Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring
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